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Carbon Offset

Each year Albion 4C Group more than compensates for our entire carbon emmissions by creating new native woodlands in the UK. Due to a reduction in our carbon footprint, since 2013 we have doubled our tree plantification.

We calculate our carbon footprint (using the Climate Care calculator) to reduce, where possible, our carbon emissions.

Then, working with the Woodland Trust, we plant as many trees in the UK to more than compensate for our annual carbon emissions.

In addition, in 2010, we took ownership of an acre of woodland at Heartwood Forest in Sandridge, St Albans.

For further information on Heartwood Forest visit

Our Approach

Climate Care

We use the Climate Care online carbon footprint calculator to estimate our annual carbon footprint, which uses emission factors published by Defra.

For more information visit:www.climatecare.org

The Woodland Trust

The trust is the UK's leading woodland conservation charity with 300,000 members and supporters.

For further information visit:www.woodlandtrust.org.uk.


Our actions have resulted in reducing our carbon footprint by 39.6%.


We actively encourage our staff to recycle all our waste. We continuously monitor the recycling performance of our waste contractor to ensure it remains above 60%.

We also have a wormery for vegetable waste and the compost is used to feed the various plants around the building.

We have registration for our Environmental Management System. To find out more about ISO 14001 visit the BSI website.